5 Crucial Things You Must Hear Your Social Media Consultant Say

Listen, kiddo, who really cares if you have 1,000 followers on Twitter?

Yes, on some level, if you are sitting with your marketing team to analyze the latest campaign, someone will cite the number of followers to say whether you’ve been successful. Yes, on some level, your Head of Business Development may count your Facebook page’s “likers,” since after all, isn’t a liker just a customer who has not yet bought from you?

he doesn't want to hear from social media consultants

Dont want to take the medicine of a social media consultant?

On the other hand, no one REALLY cares if you have boatloads of followers if:

  • you have no idea who all those followers are
  • you have no meaningful relationship or engagement with them
  • you have no clue if they are genuinely interested in your topic or not
  • and all you did to build that community was go to LinkedIn Groups and ask people to follow you.

Think about it. Is that lame, or what?

First: As you live and breathe, you should know that quality counts. Not just quantity.

I would rather have one CEO of a $100 million dollar tech company do me the honor and retweet my post, than 1,000 followers all of whom are as unknown as Kim Jong-un and as disengaged as a passive-aggressive husband going through a divorce.

Second: Any advertiser or venture capitalist worth their salt is going to ask how engaged your audience is, not just how much traffic and how many subscribers you have.

You’d be far better off going after one highly influential person or even building a relationship with one follower whom you can truly help.

At all times, have prepared a list of 3-4 examples that show how engaged your audience is. These are valid ways to illustrate engagement:

  • the average interval of time spent on your site
  • the number of comments garnered per post
  • the average number of pages viewed per visitor
  • the amount of retweets, likes, shares or +1s (i.e. its virality)
  • the time you spend weekly conversing with your audience (conversing is videochatting, skyping, yakking on the phone)
  • the amount of money shelled out (if your site sells something).

One-way communication in blogging is the literary equivalent of waterboarding. People will ask if talk goes both ways.

Third: Spend your time building a meaningful community.

Allocate effort to dig into topics that will allow you to see into the future, and offer some serious thought leadership to your audience. Do the difficult work of analyzing beyond your intuitive instincts, and instead, draw upon your more thoughtful, questioning side to really put out something new and valuable.

Otherwise, you will look lame, and we will see that.

Fourth: It is time to expand your sandbox, and consider that social media is not just about marketing or empowerment.

(Empowered consumers push for what happened yesterday with SOPA: They ask you to black out pictures on Flickr, and prompt you to tweet that. And I did!)

empowered consumers opposed SOPA on the web

Mojo40 tweet in opposition to SOPA.

Social media is also about engagement with the great creativity that comes from collaboration. Here is what Keith Sawyer, an Associate Professor of Education at Washington U. and author of “Group Genius,” wrote in a letter to The New York Times dated January 19, 2012:

“Decades of scientific research have revealed that great creativity is almost always based in collaboration, conversation and social networks–just the opposite of our mythical image of the isolated genius. And educational research has found that deeper learning results when students participate in thoughtful argumentation and discuss reasons and concepts.
“The increasing use of collaboration, in classrooms and in the workplace, is not a short-lived fad; it is solidly based in research, and it works.”

Fifth: You may think that only the big gorillas with tons of followers are worth reaching for, but that is not so. LonelyBoy15–the fellow who only has 15 followers and doesn’t write for The Wall Street Journal–could be the tipping point. His efforts may prevent your content from being lost in the vortex, and instead get it picked up by the masses.

But you would only know that if you stopped your embargo on small potatoes and truly reached out.

Mojo Moves

  • Spend 10 minutes one day this week to research one of your followers on Twitter, read through their website or LinkedIn profile, and then personally call in order to know them better. If you can’t find their cell number, write a friendly email to begin the conversation.
  • Connected consumers find and share information differently. Be a connected consumer. You have found this great post. Now, do the most excellent viral thing and SHARE IT. Don’t grab the link from the URL and paste that into an email; learn to use the ShareThis icon. Click the button and hold it down while sharing to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Engage with our Mojo40 magnum opus by sharing the playlist.
  • Engage with me. Call me up at 914.645.1667 and introduce yourself. I would like to learn what drives your blood pressure up or what impels you to laugh. I can help job seekers, folks with a soul-sapping job, or even those in Plan B Nation.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons 2.0, truthorg

Your thoughts? Let me read them, below.

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  • http://www.MissingSecretToParenting.com denny hagel

    I like your advice…brings a sense of humanity into this technological world of the internet. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Thank you Denny. In fact, at the end of a day where I have been sitting in front of my computer for maybe 10 hours, I often recall most fondly the person who I spoke with on the phone. So indeed, the humanity is what connects us!

  • http://www.planbnation.net Amy Gutman

    Lots of great advice in here, Diane! Thanks for sharing your expertise–and for linking to Plan B Nation. :-)

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      You’re welcome.

  • Carol Giambri

    Great post and sure challenged building the right community. I’m believing it will come!

  • http://www.travelwritingpro.com Claudia Looi

    Diane, lots of great advice and I will follow the mojo moves…can I text? Seriously, thanks for sharing your expertise :)

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Claudia, you are right on the money. In fact, I thought about whether or not I should include texting in the list of ways that comprise conversing, and I am really not sure. On the one hand, I do it all the time with close friends. On the other, it doesn’t have that touchy-feely aspect that makes a voice or a visual chat special. Would you want to sit down and see a history of texts, in the way you would see a book of photos or listen to an audiofile? Probably not. So I didn’t include it.

  • conflux

    I like the BOLD, bitter pill approach – is this what we are to expect from you henceforth? Thank you for keeping it real.

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      You know me, never one to impersonate!

  • http://www.positivecalm.com solvita

    Love it! Thank you for sharing, people sometimes get confused and this is brilliant, wonderful suggestions! :)

  • http://micheletremblay.com Michele

    WOW…what a great post. You said things I have heard before, but you examples painted such a clear picture of the necessary steps and conditions to cultivate a healthy social network. I would be absolutely shocked if someone called me…and can’t say i would welcome a bunch of calls, but I can think of a few people I’d love to hear from!

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Hey, Michele, I am glad you gained something from the post. I do appreciate your sentiment. Just yesterday I was talking with a very smart, entrepreneurial and driven guy who founded a media company that operates both online and offline. In fact, he validated my approach…there was not a single partnership that he could call to mind in 5 years of solopreneurship, that brought in either a commitment of time or revenue before he had personally spoken or met with the decisionmaker. So, calling is simply the next step for every digital connection.

  • http://www.pathtolifesuccess.net Hughie Bagnell

    Hi Diane…great article! I agree…quality over quantity any day, however, what is also relevant is where you on the ‘growth curve’ or ‘exponential curve’…we have to find that ‘diamond’ and a number of handshakes are sometimes very necessary to do so! …Great one, Hughie

  • http://howtobeasuccessfulteacher.com/ Lori

    Great advice! It is so true that quality counts, not quantity! Thanks!

  • http://www.donovangrant.com Donovan Grant

    Thanks a lot Diane, this article matches up with some of the thoughts that I have had recently. I believe in getting to know clients so that I can tell how to serve them better or even work with them. Love the idea about spending 10 minutes researching someone on the list. Will do! Cheers!

  • http://www.betterbusinessgrowthfaster.com AJ Perisho

    Great questions to ask!
    There is always so much to learn and do with social media.
    It helps to remember social media is just word of mouth, help them talk :-)

  • Sara

    Developing a relationship is the key to success in business and in your personal relationships. Get to know each other, and what better way than to reach out both individually and by sharing meaningful content in your existing and evolving communities.

    Click Share This before you leave the page

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Right on Sara…. can never repeat it too much… avoid being a lurker, participate with ShareThis… a gal’s (or guy’s) best friend.

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