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Ready to get your missing mojo back?

Think about the time when you felt your absolute best in your career.  You were excited, you loved what you were doing, and you had no problem answering the question, “What do you do?” because you had mojo.

And now, for whatever reason – the economy, a soul-sapping job, fear of change – you have lost that mojo feeling and are stuck.

While there are plenty of career advice sites out there, why isn’t there a practical one to help people over 40 get over those roadblocks and get unstuck?

How Mojo40 was born

The co-founders of Mojo40, Susan Kim and Diane Dolinsky-Pickar, saw there was little advice targeted to people over 40. We discovered this at a chance meeting at the Harvard Club. A one hour get together became four hours as we discussed all the different challenges for people over 40 who, despite being well educated with great job experience, were either adrift while looking for a job, or felt, “Is this as far as I’m going?” in their current one. They had lost that mojo feeling.

In the fall of 2011, Renee Marks Cohen came on board to pick up the tempo, as Susan moved to another full-time position.

With a wealth of experience writing, marketing, hustling at freelance gigs and learning from their journey, Diane and Renee collaborate to help you dig inside yourself, within your network and across the plethora of strategic knowledge and tools, to find solutions to your work woes.

How Mojo40 helps you get your mojo back

We know that a big chunk of what’s preventing you from moving forward is the four horsemen of fear, “compare and despair”, lack of support and information overload. We’re here to blast through all that with:

  • Practical and easy-to-understand advice on how to create your digital profile
  • Straight talk about your lagging technical skills and tips for getting current
  • Recommendations for getting noticed and standing out from the crowd in this age of crunched attention span and the 24/7 on-switch
  • Pointers to sectors that are growing, trends that will impact business success in the future, and ways you could fit in the mix, and
  • Words of encouragement to build your courage to continue.

There is nothing that we will ever recommend in here that we have not actually road tested ourselves.

Why it’s fun

Here’s the inside mojo secret about the process:  It’s actually fun doing all this stuff.  Instead of being a passive surfer on the web, you’ll be part of it.  There’s an incredible sense of accomplishment when you learn and master a new skill.  And the more you do it, the more your mojo comes back.

Who we are

A mojo maven who can help you get your career mojo backDiane Dolinsky-Pickar: Among the things Diane loves best: learning, taking initiative, and being an “executrix” extraordinaire. (That’s like a dominatrix, but lose the whip.) She has worked for more than 7 years in digital marketing and lead generation, and has focused on the online world for more than 4 years. She is also a serial entrepreneur, having earlier built a successful food and beverage export firm.

Renee Marks CohenRenee Marks Cohen: Renee has more than 20 years experience writing and editing articles, books, brochures and just about any copy that you could think of. She is a one-woman Emergency Response Team for the quality of communication in this blog – making its digital dishing brief, clear, and balanced. She is at the top of the charts for discovering breaking news and relevant morsels.

Mojo maven who can help you get your career mojo backSusan Marie Kim: Susan started in traditional advertising, worked for several media firms, and has sailed on to the Calvert School, as Director of Marketing. She will be sorely missed; Mojo40 stands as testament to her achievement as a visionary creative.

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What is this site about?

It’s about getting you up to speed with today’s digital networking tools, and sharing a roadmap to elevate your career that doesn’t assume you grew up with wi-fi in your bassinet. Ready to get your career mojo back?

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