Are You Connected to Albert Einstein?

Do you know when you log in to your LinkedIn account, how the opening screen shows (on the left hand side) the latest activity of your connections? Well, my friend Drew is so well connected that he is now BFF with Albert Einstein:

Are you connected on LinkedIn to him?

Are you connected on LinkedIn to him?

Drew Koloski is now connected to Wizard of In, Sherlock Homes, John Watson, Ernest Hemingway, Robin Hood and Albert Einstein.

And on the right hand, there he was in the thumbnail, E=mcΛ2 Einstein himself.

People you may know, a LinkedIn tab you will find handy

Sound familiar?

Thanks to LinkedIn for the April Fool’s joke!

What connections are you missing?
There’s a kernel of wisdom in every gag. And here it’s to up your connections! No doubt about it, if your long lost work buddy has passed on, it’s hopeless. But anything less than rigor mortis and you have no excuse not to seek them out. But don’t be spammy, identify people whom you really know.

I have over 280 connections, but I am always trying to connect more. Two days ago, a former work colleague from 2007 found me. Last night, at a great livestreaming presentation at the Google offices in Manhattan, I met an eager young student from FIT. By the time I got home and sat down to my computer, she had already sent a link to connect. Hey, even a Supreme Court Justice of Egypt found me and connected.

It not only makes you feel good to be back in touch, but it also boosts your prominence in LinkedIn searches, and your attractiveness to potential employers.

Aim for at least 200 connections
If you’ve been working for over 20 years and you don’t have at least 200 people in your connection database, then bench press it up. You meet people socially. You meet people at conferences. Keep up, and reach out to them.

Mojo Moves

  • Take 5 minutes out of each day (for as long as it takes) to get your connections up to at least 200 on LinkedIn. Don’t just send out the default message. Be proactive and tell one person (whom you have dropped the ball with) that you would like to call them up and catch up — and then do it
  • Take 2 more minutes and join the Mojo40 Group on LinkedIn and then connect to me (Diane Dolinsky-Pickar) and Susan Marie Kim, and our faithful friend who raised his hand to be our first group member, Zechariah Agyeno! If you don’t know how to use Groups to connect, read here
  • Lighten up with this hilarious video, and Happy April Fool’s!

Share below what happened, when you got back in touch with an old acquaintance or colleague.

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