Better Communication

Stop Screwing Around with Boring Online Writing: Become the Iron Man of Online Writers

Eye tracking studies show readers close the window in as little as 1/20th of a second. Do you have any idea how fast that zips by, 1/20th of a second? […]

Online Communities and Google+ Hangouts: A Pair Made in Heaven

“I know an old woman who lived in a shoe … ” goes the rhyme, but it was a digital shoe equipped with a mobile hotspot, so she was as […]

How To Be A Bulldog In A Male-Dominated Industry

When I refer to someone as “Potentate of the Board Room,” do you think of a woman? I would guess not. Because we all know, comparatively speaking, there are really […]

Defending The Landline

To say almighty landline may be an exaggeration. But a phone that’s physically plugged into a wall outlet is not a twee relic, either. Its position as the most trustworthy […]

Why Your Customer Service Survey Is Causing Your Business to Crater

I’m ready to punch out the Toyota execs. It’s time to stop those ridiculous 8-question customer surveys. Or, start filling them out with an inane rant, so they don’t keep […]

How To Write Lively In A World Of Dumb Drones: 6 Sources For Inspiration

I admit it: I’ve been caught red-handed. I blatantly stole “chica” from Sharon O’Day and hijacked the phrase “get into pole position” from Izzy Woods. I’d even steal from my […]

Solving, Not Selling, is the Key to Exceptional Phone Interviews

Survival of the fittest isn’t just the big idea underlying evolution. It is also a powerful metaphor for phone interviewing. According to Darwin, the species that survived environmental challenges solved […]

A Crown Jewel of Technical Writing Jobs: Freelance Medical Writer

You already know that as a freelancer you’re asked to do the work that on-staff people can’t or won’t do—the impossible assignments, in record time, completed with the grace of […]

Are You Helping or Wasting Time? Ask the Turtle

Imagine seeing a giant turtle that is crawling up from a river and is approaching the side of a road. You’re hiking past it and it turns up its head […]

Do Not Leave an Interview Without Asking THIS Question

Suzanne had gone on five interviews and still had not gotten the job offer. Yet, the recruiter assured her that no one she had spoken with doubted her qualifications or […]

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It’s about getting you up to speed with today’s digital networking tools, and sharing a roadmap to elevate your career that doesn’t assume you grew up with wi-fi in your bassinet. Ready to get your career mojo back?

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