How to Create a Blog in 5 Minutes

Stop watch showing 5 minutes how long it takes to create a blog

If you know what you want to write about, you can set up a blog in under five minutes – pinky swear.  Now, technically, there are a bunch of websites (aka platforms) that can help you do this, but thanks to Mojo40, you will never have to learn or care about them. Only two matter:

  2. Not to be confused for one nanosecond with – more about that further down

This page will take less than five minutes to read, so let’s get down to the pros and cons.

Pros for using or

  1. Uber easy set up. With just a few clicks you can get started
  2. Free
  3. They have so many templates (technically called themes) to choose from, there is something you will like so there’s no need for a designer


  1. Whatever name you pick, blogspot or wordpress will appear in your URL (for example,
  2. If you want your own URL, you will have to go buy it (which takes some effort), and then pay extra to use it
  3. Can’t install cool plug-ins or make custom changes
  4. No unlimited advertising (There are restrictions to what type of advertising you can run and, at some point, they could decide to run ads on your blog if they want. Hey, you’re getting a great deal and it’s  totally fair.)

So what’s the difference between and

Not much but here are the minor distinctions:

  1. You can add a Facebook like button to some blogger templates, but not to
  2. is part of  You get google analytics and search built in
  3. has more variety of templates (aka themes)
  4. If you want to make your blog more of a website, makes it easier to add pages

Want to run with the big digital dogs?

Let’s say you want your own URL (, the flexibility to change whatever you want, and run some advertising because you know you’re going to get a lot of traffic. Then there’s one choice:  wordpress.ORG (note – org  not .com).


  1. It’s still easy to create your blog (no coding background necessary)
  2. You can tailor it exactly how you want
  3. You can add the Facebook like button, email a friend, and whatever social icon you want with the plug-in
  4. It works well as a great website, also
  5. You add whatever ads and sponsorships you want


  1. You have to pay for your own hosting  (like with a company such as – about $75/year)
  2. You have to pay for your own URL (very minor, sometimes free with hosting)
  3. You will have to set everything up (not the end of the world, but it’s no 5 minutes)
  4. For the customization, you will probably have to hire a web developer and a web designer.

What should you pick?

  • Just want a super simple easy free blog (with few other pages)?
  • Want to a free blog but also want to include several other pages?  Go with
  • Do you have to sell something (jewelry? a book? your services?)  go with

What if I need help?
No matter what you pick, you’re going to need help if you want this blog to be more than your online diary.  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Subscribe and religiously read (tons of great content advice)
  2. Whether you go for or wordpress (org or com), go to their forums for advice and be generous thanking people or adding your own tips
  3. Talk to other bloggers and get some great advice at There is probably a chapter in your city.  You don’t have to be a girl or even female to attend the events

Mojo Moves

  1. Read 11 Ways a Blog Can Get You a Gig, a Job, a Career
  2. Read a friend’s blog and leave a positive and sincere comment
  3. Go to or and set up a blog right now.  Don’t worry, you can delete whatever you write.  Just see how easy it is to do
MuCash lets you make donations quicky in increments as small as a single penny. By leaving a small donation every time you find something of value on Mojo40, you can help me (Diane) keep creating content like this for you to enjoy.
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  • Sue

    I used WordPress and got my own url. Hosting charges were only $35 a year with Lunarpages.

  • thoughtbasket

    I’ve created 3 blogs now, and while the best looking one took more than 5 minutes, I certainly had them up and running within 5.

    • Susan Kim

      Thought Basket- Great inspiration to others. Crafting and tailoring your blog to how you want it can definitely take more than 5 minutes. Getting it initially set up so it’s live, though, can be done in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. Thanks for the confirmation!

  • Amy

    I’m intrigued, but still confused. I think I may be a card-carrying member of your target audience. :)

    • Susan Kim

      Just give it a try. It’s free, you’ll learn a lot and no one will have to see it unless you email it to others.


  • Stephen Barry

    I’ve passed this on to a number of people who’ve talked of starting blogs. This does seem to be exactly what you need to know in regard to the basic nuts and bolts!

  • andy wainer

    good basic nuts and bolts info – and while it does seem easy to start, and free, I still want to – it would seem wise! – have an idea of what to blog about! So I will be thinking about that! thanks!

    • Susan Kim

      Agreed, having an idea about what you want to blog about is smart. Just don’t wait for the 100% perfect idea or you’ll be waiting for a long time;)

  • tax

    nice post. thanks.

  • Marcie

    Fantastic advice. With very little experience, I was able to get my own URL through Go Daddy, choose a free WordPress template and get my site up and running (with just a few glitches) on my own in a few days. I certainly suggest, though, having several posts (and photos) on the back burner before sending the initial blog notification email out to the public. It provides time for you to work out kinks in the blog and time to start promoting your site on social news sites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Delicious and Reddit.

  • Amy Gutman

    Great summary piece! Curious if you have thoughts on Tumblr, Posterous–& how they compare/contrast with WordPress, Blogger for various uses.

    • Susan Kim

      You know at this point (June 2011)all the biggies, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Posterous are pretty idiot proof and great for simple blogs.

      I would say for Posterous you can be extremely limited to do customization and having your own URL ( is more expensive with them.

      Blogger keeps getting better and better. (NOT to be confused with .org) keeps getting better templates (called themes)so I still think it’s a toss up between the two, although at this point I might lean towards blogger a bit more.

      • Amy Gutman

        Thanks for the response!

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