You Are Too Blessed to Be Stressed

A dysfunctional life it ain’t, but it sure can seem stressful.

Here is a direct quote from a doc I sent the lawyers this week: I have 19 kid drop-offs/pick-ups per week and that is only counting Monday through Friday … and I just tipped my coffee as I went to grab the phone, spilling all of it into my printer and now need to buy a new one.

logo of audacity, a set of headphones, for listening to inspiration and practicing how to count your blessings

Put some inspiration between your ears, and count your blessings

Here is what I discovered between waking three kids, prepping the dinner, tossing the dessert (a triple fudge cake) into the oven, bunking the dishes from last night, putting out the 10 bags for Big Brothers/Big Sisters pickup, making my own bag lunch (for munching at work), and trying to scoot my teenagers out the door before their bus drivers take off: the three eggs that should’ve gone into the cake. Sitting pretty on the countertop. While the cake is already 21 minutes “par-baked.”

Okay, take a minute and breathe.

Google lost $22 billion a few days ago, but I didn’t. My kids are with me, not in Afghanistan. Their health is good, and while mine is fair, I don’t need botox to look and feel 10 years younger. (I have a secret solution for that.) And finally, I can take care of my children as a devoted mom, build my career, develop support for an ailing octogenarian mother, and receive licks from my cat to heal my hurts. So all is copacetic.

And then I hear the words that awaken me to the fact that “ok” is not where it’s at. I am not a struggling Pilgrim in survival mode through a long, bitter cold winter. I hear the voice of my friend Dyana: You are too blessed to be stressed. She says it with conviction. A testimony to the power of her relationship with God.

Here is an audiofile so you can hear it too. Press recording_too_blessed_to_be_stressed of Dyana Nelson, a wonder woman who entered my life, I am sure, to coach me to count my blessings daily, as only an impassioned believer can.

You can feel this way, too. All you movers and shakers, you are likewise too blessed to be stressed. Place the words in the forefront of your thoughts: YOU ARE TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED.

Mojo Moves

  • Listen to the audiofile embedded  in this post and then learn how to create an MP3 audiofile yourself, so you can do as I am doing …  sharing your inspiration with others.
  • Download Audacity, the free software for creating, editing and sharing audio files. I recommend downloading it on a PC, since it was a wee bit easier than downloading on a Mac, but there are versions for both. Then, you also need to download LAME in order to create files in an MP3 format … follow the instructions that pop up when you do File > Export.
  • If you want to take it a step further, look on your smartphone for a voice recorder app, and experiment with it. A voice recorder app will allow you to make a recording of a conversation anywhere, any time; I have done so myself (when a car dealer tried to cheat me … and I recorded our conversation).

Photo of the Audacity logo.

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Did you enjoy this post?
  • Sharon O’Day

    Love that you’re putting Audacity to good use, Diane! It has added so much to my blog articles … giving visitors a choice of how they’d like to receive my “pearls.” And your “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” message? Brava! That same attitude is what got me through my greatest financial travails … without having to become a Pollyanna.

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      It is coincidental, Sharon, that this post was originally written on Oct. 19th, the day after Google’s weak results were first reported and its stock price drop precipitously….but as I got busy, it was held in queue. Then, during the week of Hurricane Sandy, I finally had lots of time, as I (and a ton of other folks) had to go to shelters or other institutions for warmth, food, companionship and electrical charge… and suddenly the “too blessed to be stressed” seemed even more apt.

  • Terry Anstine

    Great message, Diane, perfect timing after Sandy. The best comment I heard last week on the radio: “Our ancestors are rolling in their graves laughing at us.” Puts things in perspective. Knowing we are blessed is mojo foundation that sticks with us.

    Thanks for the tip on Audacity. Their “High School” tutorial was just at my level!

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      And thank you, Terry, for jumping in and getting involved!

  • Debi

    Just listened to the audio link. It is truly a wonderful line that we all should remember and repeat. Thanks as always for great words

    • Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Thank you Debi, for always supporting me and caring! Hope you got your mojo and can get back to work reinvigorated!

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