Creative Engine

Beam Me Up, Scotty, I Have Captured The 3D Printer

Would you believe that a new technology is bringing us closer to the “replicator” featured on Star Trek? When our brave crewmembers pressed a few buttons on their control panel, […]

Stop Screwing Around with Boring Online Writing: Become the Iron Man of Online Writers

Eye tracking studies show readers close the window in as little as 1/20th of a second. Do you have any idea how fast that zips by, 1/20th of a second? […]

6 Lessons from Life of Pi for Greater Self-Awareness and Professional Success

Here’s a free pass to play hooky from your work mid-afternoon, and go to a movie instead of chugging down your list of 200 contacts. You will have better insight if […]

Why Your Best Personal Branding Strategy Demands That You Publish

When someone wants to see what you’re about professionally, they will look online. You had better be published there. (I’m not referring to LinkedIn solely, but to work-related publishing.) If you […]

Take 9 Minutes To Understand The Record-Breaking Spread Of Pinterest

Two hipsters walk into a bar, and one asks the other if she’d like a drink. Not a joke; it happened in 1992 on my first date with the guy […]

11 Ways to Fuel Your Creativity And Impress The CEO

Creativity comes from the same motherlode as passion. You need creativity to constantly reinvent yourself in your work to “fit the future.” (My friend John could share a story about […]

Believing In Yourself: How a 70-Year-Old Woman Came to Conquer The Retail World

I draw huge inspiration from Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss. But my guy friend didn’t recognize her story. Instead, he said Charles Barkley was an inspiration for losing weight. So I […]

Who Is a Blogger’s BFF? And Other Nominees For The Biggies

At this time of year, a blogger takes one of two directions — dashing off a funny post capturing the mood of an awards ceremony, or heading to St. Thomas, […]

39 Cases of Intelligent Game-Based Design For Newbies, Old Duffers and Your Precious Customers

Step-by-step, Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump, observed an uptake in exercising among his staff, but each level of progress did not fully sate him. Charlie would not give up […]

Write a Story For a Child, Challenge Your Mind, and Get Your Creative Engine Working

We’re getting a jump on the holidays with our guest blogger, Will Bachman, so you can have the lead time you need to get your creative engine working. Is there […]

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It’s about getting you up to speed with today’s digital networking tools, and sharing a roadmap to elevate your career that doesn’t assume you grew up with wi-fi in your bassinet. Ready to get your career mojo back?

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