The Top 3 Reasons You Need New Friends

Hanging out with friends a lot like yourself is comfortable but it tends to give you a limited perspective.

12 Ways Not to Become Invisible After 40

I swear I had only closed my eyes for one second when a policeman started poking me with his billy stick. “Excuse me, Miss, you’re going to have to get […]

“Yes” Comes Quickly, “No” Never Comes

In Japan it is considered impolite to say, “No”.  So if a Japanese company decides after a lengthy presentation that they do not want your product, instead of saying no, […]

What Would John Hancock’s Email Signature Look Like?

Quick:  Who signed the Declaration of Independence? Don’t worry, this isn’t a history or immigration test.  The first name (and probably only one) that pops in your head, though, is […]

With Age Comes Wisdom, Patience, and a Nod Toward Reality

Our first guest post!  By Josh Sklar, a global advertising creative who helps transition traditional marketers to the digital side. The younger you are, the more impressed with yourself you […]

Can You Hear Me Now? No, Here’s Why

In a famous Seinfeld episode, Jerry and Elaine are having dinner with Kramer’s girlfriend who is a “low talker” – she speaks at such a low volume that it’s impossible […]

What the *&%^$ is Twitter and Why Go There?

“Refudiate” is not a real word.  But Sarah Palin erroneously thought it was and used that word in a Twitter message (a “tweet”) back in July.  And now, it is […]

Cliff Notes: How to De-Code Tweets on Twitter

Rachel Ray knows things that are yum-o, we know tweets, so lets start whipping it up. Like Rachel, we can help you get this digital treat on the table in […]

What Is Mojo?

You want to know what mojo is?  First, you are going to have to close your door (or the equivalent) and block as many distractions around you as possible. Second, […]

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It’s about getting you up to speed with today’s digital networking tools, and sharing a roadmap to elevate your career that doesn’t assume you grew up with wi-fi in your bassinet. Ready to get your career mojo back?

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