Who Is a Blogger’s BFF? And Other Nominees For The Biggies

At this time of year, a blogger takes one of two directions — dashing off a funny post capturing the mood of an awards ceremony, or heading to St. Thomas, V.I. for a break. I am doing both. With thanks to ALL my readers, I particularly want to recognize certain individuals and introduce them in a roundup of my “Biggie” awards.

A blogger's best friend deserves a Biggie Award

A blogger's best friend deserves a Biggie Award.

A Blogger’s Best Friend Forever Award
There is no doubt that a blogger’s BFF is an ace web developer. Mine is outstanding. In fact, when he sends me an email at 3:26am in response to my “Urgent” from the previous night, it blows me away. In general, I feel sorry for web developers. They get calls mid-afternoon Saturdays, and have to tend to every kind of errata. I’m breaking out the bubbly for ya, Louis!

Longtime Supporter and Advocate Award
It’s a tie. There’s someone with the very barest of digital footprints, but with an embracing hug that makes me feel like the Matterhorn. Thank you Alice Strauss. And thanks to a friend who has been with me through all the muck and always made me feel wonderful: Debi Lerner, my queen of texting in high heels, you leave me speechless.

Most Pointed Question Award
When I was asked by a doyenne of job search, “Why can’t you publish your own stuff on your blog?” it got me thinking.

Most Elusive Advice to Implement Award
When a fellow blogger who posts daily – even on weekends and holidays– said straight out: “Don’t over think it [a blog post].”

Most Persistent Prods That Keep Haunting Me
Another tie: the prods were when PG, a merchant banker, asked me, “What’s your business model?” and when a venture capitalist advised that in Silicon Valley, they test every idea with a prominent, well-placed button, to see how many click-throughs it garners. No matter that the button links to a page “under construction.” If there isn’t enough interest, there’s no need to invest.

Best Conference To Inform My Thinking
Hands down, SMX West, held in San Jose last March. If you have any interest in search marketing or the online ecosphere, you must go to one of the SMX conferences held around the world.

Best Talent Pool to Generate Ideas and Find Freelancers
A national organization to empower women in technology (plus those who are not techanistas, but want to get with what’s growing), I give my strongest endorsement to Webgrrls.

Best Red and Blue Markup Award
What is an editor worth that hands it back before the shadow of the obelisk gets too long? 600 Egyptian felucca boats and a tract of the fertile Nile delta. Renee, they are yours!

Best Community of Reciprocity Award
Catherine Morgan, who has no equal in terms of transition advice, setting up a business, and cleaning cobwebs from your past.

Nadir of My Professional Existence Over the Past Year, Award
Taking a job canvassing door-to-door for an environmental organization, and realizing in the first 4 hours that I couldn’t keep up with the younger, more spry staff.

Best Guest Blogger Award
Will Bachman, an A team consultant, who creates ring-the-bell amazing posts. Thanks for making it so easy to collaborate, and extra points to BP for connecting us.

Quote to Live By Award
Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.
—Winston Churchill.

Best Place to Hatch a Launch (or Landing) Party
On the day when I either (1) land a job, or (2) seriously start monetizing this blog, I am going to hold a launch party at my local hair salon. Who wouldn’t enjoy a mashup of haircuts, headshots, comedy improv and cocktails … and the pleasure of one powerful networking party? Come on, Girls Night Out meets The Last Guy Comic Standing.

Best Way to A Blogger’s Heart
Tweet it, hit the like button, add your comments below, and share it to someone who might benefit. Rinse and repeat.

Best Visual After A Year Of Hard Work
The trend (in media) is to ditch content and go for the visual, so take a look.

visual of rising subscriptions

Subscribers are going up, matey!

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons 2.0, Judy van der Velden, and photoshopped by Arithemonkey

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  • Debi

    You truly are one of a kind and should feel incredible about what you’ve accomplished. Mojo40 never fails to interest and impress me. I have no doubt 2012 will be a great year for you both personally and professionally! Sending lots of love

    • http://www.mojo40.com Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Debi, I smile just to think of you. You are first on the comment thread, first to share my joys and disappointments, and first up for a lunch date together! The admiration is mutual!

  • http://www.pointatopointbtransitions.com Catherine Morgan

    Thank you so much for including me on this list! I very much enjoyed getting to know you over the past year and look forward to working together in the future. Happy Holidays to you and your community!

    • http://www.mojo40.com Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

      Catherine, much thanks for the well wishes and the tweet; the “honor” is mutual. So glad to have had a seat on-deck with your podcast from Point A to Point B!

  • http://hanlancommunications.com Wendy Hanlan

    Nice job! As a blogger I can see this article is as entertaining as it is useful ;) Merry Christmas Diane!

  • http://www.mojo40.com Diane Dolinsky-Pickar

    And an Irie holidays to you and yours, too! Looking forward to learning what you have cookin’ there, in 2012, Wendy.

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